The Dating Scene in Dallas is Dry

24 Jun

They say Dallas is one of the best places for women to meet men.  I think that is a complete and utter lie.  First of all, most the men are complete douchebags that live by the “Keep Dallas Pretentious”  motto.  Now if these guys aren’t self-centered assholes, they are gay, or just plain weird.

Oh how I WISH I was gay male.

Now, that’s not really fair for me to generalize a whole city like that.

I also don’t wish I was gay.


I wish I could find a:


Well educated


Has a car

Doesn’t live at home with his parents/cousins

Own money

6’3 taller

190 lbs


Great sense of humor

Gets the Joke

Doesn’t take life too seriously

Is ambitious

Open Minded





…okay now where did I put that glass slipper?…

Lets be real… my list was NOT that detailed!

It’s like I put his race…

That’s because I don’t care what race he is.

The point of this blog will just highlight my dating life.  The ups.  Downs. Good. Bad.  Most of all… the Hilarious. 


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