Coming Up Short, My Benchwarmers

26 Jun

I can’t say tonight is a total lose.

 I did have a fantastic night with new and old friends.

The thing was I called, text, facebooked almost every guy in my iPhone to only not have one come over.  I really should have given them more time.  I hit up my top three first and then went to my substituent men.  Now my subs were free, but there a reason they’re in sub categories.  They don’t fill any desire. 

My top three have something in then that makes me want to drop my panties.  However, my bench (as I will hereon call them) don’t necessarily make me want to do anything special.  I mean, if they call and ask me to brunch I’ll go.  I just won’t sleep with them.

So two of my three were out of town and my other one was being flakey.  One of my benchwarmers wanted to come over and rock my world.  I just am not attracted to him enough to do that.  Let’s give him a name.  Mr. IB.

IB is a FINE man. Exotic, fun, intelligent, sexy, debonair, and best of all no kids sweet.  I LOVE men who are assholes to other people.  Just not me.  I like when my friends say, “The guy is an asshole when I talk to him, but when he’s with you he’s different.”

I actually get that a lot.  I have men that will admit that to me.

Quite honestly Mr. IB is the ideal man.  The only problem is there is NO desire from me to him.

The point of this post is that I need to add a couple of new gentlemen to my roster.  Right now that’s not a priority, but I will be looking more into it for 2012.

I don’t want another night of me having to contact the benchwarmers to keep me company.



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