Breakdown of my Top Three Guys

2 Jul

Sorry I have been MIA for a minute.  I have been busy in my personal life so I can have material to blog about.  So who should I write about first?  Well, most of my posts are going to deal with my top three.  So I should give you guys a run down on my top three.

KO ~

  • Length of time known: 2 years
  • Why I like him: He’s tall, smart, sexy, and can dress

Cin ~

  • Length of time known: 1 year
  • Why I like him: out of the three he most matches my personality.  He’s fun, easy going, understands my jokes because we have the same personality, can dress, well educated, artistic.

BR ~

  • Length of time known 1.5  years
  • Why I like time: SUPER SMART, ivy leaguer, open minded, well travelled, bilingual, tall,  All American boy hot, tall, sweetheart, and has a HUGE PENIS

And by huge I mean FANTASTIC.

He is so sexy.

Of course each guy has their drawback, but that’s not for here to discuss.   The qualities I do not like about them will show up in each one of my blogs.

I’m getting really tired.  I will explain it to you in my next blog.  I’m going to attempt to update this blog three times a week.  Expect a longer post tomorrow.


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