The Uptown Inbreed Concept (Dallas Edition)

6 Jul

The definition of Uptown Inbreed is where everyone in your metropolitan area knows each other.  For example, in Dallas if you are between the ages of 24-34 and live in the city there is a HUGE chance that we already know each other.  We may not know each other’s name, but there is no 6 degree of separation between the two of us.   At most it may be two.

You can verify your relationship with anyone now thanks to the power of FaceBook.  There have been many of times were I have met some people, they befriend me on FB, and turns out we have 6 mutual friends. 

It got to one point where I met a really hot badass chick that I was telling me friend Eric about.  I was trying to hook them up.  Only to find out she knew already knew a ton of friends in our inner circle.  What I found amazing is how I just realized her. 

I hate this whole inbreed thing.  EVERYONE KNOWS EVERYONE.  It makes it hard to meet new people without finding out all their business.  Nothing is a secret anymore.  If you sleep with them it’s like sleeping with all of uptown. 

If you are between the ages for 24-34 in Dallas we are all interconnected.  So if you are a girl who sleeps around or a guy with crabs beware because I’m probably talking about you, if Nik Richie already isn’t. 


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