Sex in Dallas: BR

13 Jul

I love when he slides his thick hard member in me.  The way he kisses my lips when he’s on top of me.  The way the words “you’re beautiful” slip off his tongue while he’s filling me up. 

BR is so handsome.

I love how gentlemanly he is.  I love all the compliments he gives.  I love how intelligent and cocky he is without border lining on obnoxious.  I love how he looks like an Abercrombie & Fitch model, with more personality.  I love being around him. 

Perhaps I like him most out of my top three because he’s a great person.

I love how he kisses me in the morning.  When I try to get up and go he places all his weight on top of my body and gives me that million dollar smirk.  I’m not leaving until he gets off in the morning.  I love fucking a man with a dick as perfect as his. 

He has the world most perfect penis.

It’s harder than a brick, thicker than an elephant’s trunk, and smoother than silk.  His dick fills my mouth up.  I have never had sex with ANYONE who can get their dick hard than BR’s. 

When he fucks me doggy style I only wonder if this is what is feels like to get fucked by a horse.

He is the first man I have been with how legitimately needs to be wearing a Magnum.  His penis can barely fit in it.  Every time we are together I fear he’s going to break that bad boy open with his donkey dick. 

I love riding him.

 He loves when I ride him.  My face to the ceiling and my eyes closed in pure ecstasy as I’m gripping my bare breast.  This only excites him more. I feel him bucking between my legs as I ride him harder.  His breathes getting shorter.  His moans getting deeper.  He begs me to stop because he wants to last longer, but he’s still tightly gripping my hips as I ride him. 

I know he’s staring at my bare breast so I squeeze my nipples.  This sends him over the edge.  His eyes rolling back as he gives me that final thrust and recedes into bliss. 

I love the sex with BR.



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