Chat Converstation: Gay Males Win In Dallas

22 Jul

ME: I want to buy a bottle of organic wine and call it a day

MALE FRIEND: What’s up with your sex situation?

ME: I haven’t had sex

I’m moving through the cranky stage


MALE FRIEND: Why not girl?

Go get you some dick.

ME: I wish I could hit a button that can filter out the following guys:

Men who are married

Men who are about to be married

Men who have GFs

Men who are unemployed

Men who are stupid

Men under 6’1

Men who have STDs

Men who are emotionally unstable

MALE FRIEND: LMFAO I am dying over here.

Keep going!

ME: men with small penises

I can’t tell you how many times I just got up and walked out on that



MALE FRIEND: This conversation is full of win!

ME: Dude… I’m SERIOULSY not asking for a lot…

I will budge on the height thing… I might go as low as 5’12

I seriously don’t think I’m asking for a lot…

oh yeah…. STRAIGHT

man, Dallas is full of the gays

I bet gay guys never have a night alone

MALE FRIEND: I wish I could quote this entire conversation.



One Response to “Chat Converstation: Gay Males Win In Dallas”

  1. El Chat Gay Buenos Aires September 13, 2011 at 7:11 am #

    “Men who are emotionally unstable” — HahaHa. Have you been able to find anyone? Sometimes it can be so hard to date, right? Do you use any chat rooms or dating sites? Those can usually help you weed out the bad ones! Good luck!!!! 🙂 I’m going to bookmark your blog too.. it’s funny!

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