Last Night

26 Sep

I think something is wrong me because the whole casual sex thing is no longer working for me. Last night BR came over to chill. There are two reasons I never stop talking to BR. First, he’s genuinely a good person whom I enjoy seeing and hanging out with on a regular basis. Second, this guy has the biggest, hardest, thickest cock I have been with in a long time. He is why the Magnum condom was invented.

He REALLY wanted me last night. I didn’t give in for a couple of reasons… (1) I like to keep him on his toes, (2) Because I can, and (3) when I go down on him he never tells me when he’s about to cum, and is dead set on me swallowing his softball sized ejaculation in my mouth. I have become very good on studying his breathing habits to stop that.

I can have his sexy ass at any point I want.

Also, it’s the ways he kisses me. The X factor isn’t there. Plus, he kisses me like we are in a relationship. The forehead kisses. I hate that kiss.

Now that I think about BR and that huge penis I should have bent over doggy style and had him hit it from behind.

Where’s my phone?…



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