I’m Single because I Choose to Be

17 Oct

I’m single because I want to be single. It’s, honestly, not a situational thing. Actually, most women can say that they are single by choice. I can have any dude I want. I sleep with guys not because I feel like I have to… but because I can.

Admittedly, there are a lot of things in life I settle for. I haven’t been fighting for the things I rightly deserve. I deserve a better job, I deserve a better car, I deserve… the list can go on.

The thing is… I chose this. I settled for a lot of things in life that I have now.

However there are three things I haven’t settled on in life. My friends. My wardrobe. My significant other.

At first I felt that I had a social issue. I say that because one guy I was sleeping with wanted to be my boyfriend. He told me he loved me. I damn near had a calypso attack. It wasn’t that this guy wasn’t great. He was… but he wasn’t the right person for me. The thought of spending everyday night and night with this guy for however long was a fear. I can’t be with him. He’s not good enough for me.

I need to practice that in all my life. I need to elevate my level of who I think I am in order to catch the men I want to be with. Who knows… Maybe I have already met him and I need to be an inspiration for him to step up his game.

I’m single because I don’t want to settle. However, I have settled on my current situation in life. I need to fix myself first before I can allow anyone else in.

What’s the first step?

To Cleanse.


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