Do Women Hate Each Other?

11 Jan

This Bitch Gotz It Right

I’m working on my gangsta vocab?  You think i’m getting it down?  

Okay… Please watch the video above from the fantastical Jenna Marbles.  

Now listen, I agree with her 100%.  I NEVER compare myself to other women.  Why?  Shit Bitch!  I’m outta this world!  

Okay, all jokes aside.  I don’t have time to compare myself to the next person.  I have things in life I want to do and goals I want to obtain.  Standing in place and hating on someone else’s acheivesments gets you NOWHERE!  You like something that someone else has, be it a job, car, or man then step up your game and get it yourself!  However, don’t compare yourself to the girl.  Chances are you really don’t know anything about her and are just assuming you know here based on physical charaterstics.

Just befriend other woman and stay in your own lane.  I will never  understand why someone just hates on others.  If you want it too… befriend the girl and figure out how to get it too.

There is too much going on in the world to add negative energy due to jealousy.  


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