Review: Winston Supperclub Dallas

4 Mar


I’ve had people repeatedly tell me that I need to check out Winstons.  Last time I got a recommendation I ended up at Glass.  We all know how that went.

When I arrive at a club or event I can either be in a HUGE group or alone.  So the bouncers need to be nice to EVERYONE that walks through.  They have NO IDEA WHO ANYONE IS.

The bouncer that let us in was a sweetheart.  I wish I would have gotten his name because I would have personally written Winston a letter about how amazing this guy was.  He was nice, playful, great attitude, and let us RIGHT IN.

They didn’t pull that bullshit where they make you wait.  Not that I have ever waited to get into a club, I just live next door to people who have.

Thank you Mr. Bouncer!

THE LOOK: So I walk in and THE PLACE IS BEAUTIFUL.  GORGEOUS. MARVELOUS. STUPENDOUS.  WHOEVER DESIGNED THIS PLACE HAS GREAT TASTE.  The details and design have been the BEST I have seen in the Dallas club/lounge/ultralounge scene IN A VERY LONG TIME.  I still can’t get over how pretty this place looked.

I don’t know what I was expecting when I walked in, but it wasn’t that.  You walk in and there were FIT belly dancers doing their thing above the tables.  As you walk further in you will find a glass room across from the DJ booth were you can watch the beautiful women belly dance.  First, let me give another thank you to Winstons for the QUALITY of their dancers.  The girls dancing are NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL.  They aren’t filled with a bunch of plastic.  These girls are natures perfect 10’s.  No amount of surgery could get you to the level where these women are.  They have fit bodies that were given to them because they work out.  They never got tired, and smiled beautifully to the crowd.  Winston’s hired beautiful woman who were actually approachable.  These girls look like they could be your best friend.

The girls were also beautiful because they weren’t dressed like skanks.  When you think of belly dancers I imagine old women who could use a salad or two in her life.

No.  These ladies where nothing like that.  Their outfits where sexy enough for the men and pleasing enough for the women. They had a disguised sexiness to them.  They didn’t have to show the goodies.  Basically, these women looked like you have to WORK to wife them.  You couldn’t just buy them a drink and expect to be in bed with them that night.

The club was immaculate!  That includes the woman’s bathroom.  We all know how NASTY women can get in the club.

Even when we were leaving the man at that patio was super nice.  I loved the fact he just told us, “Thank You”  for coming by.  You never hear that anymore.

THE CROWD: See, this is where I have to pull the punches.  Clothes wise everyone was dressed well.  This wasn’t some kicker club and it wasn’t thugged out.  Everyone carried a sense of swagga that you could appreciate.  I LOVE how men dress, and the men there dressed like they knew what they were doing.  So let me start in on the women. 

Ladies, don’t wear so much make- up to where you look like a fuckin’ clown. There is only so much Mac can do for you!  I don’t believe in Botox, but about 80% of the blondes needed some work to get rid of their crow’s feet.  Some of these bitches looked so ratchet.  Furthermore, if you’re going to rock weave go to Fort Worth and get it done by a Black woman.  I’m sorry.  If you need it done go to someone who can do it right.

And since we’re on the subject of blondes… why are white woman always trying to start shit with other white women?!  Like we are all in some competition or some shit.  I got a couple of side eyes from this raccoon looking blonde and her midget ass brunette friend.  However, all the Asian, Black, Hispanic, and Middle Eastern women were full of love, compliments and smiles.  This really has NOTHING to do with Winstons.  Winstons can’t control a bitch’s attitude.  I’m sure the bouncers were only looking to see if you had a vagina, and if a man would fuck you if he was drunk enough.

So men, if you are looking for BEAUTIFUL exotic classy women of EVERY FLAVOR then Winstons is the place to go.  I would just suggest if the girl is blonde you have your DD double check if the woman you’re about to bring home is going to make you hate yourself in the morning.

Last night Shawn Marion from the Dallas Mavericks showed up with his entourage.  Some of the Green Bay Packers were there as well.  So as you can imagine it was groupie galore in there.  I can’t tell you how many aging party girls ran up to Shawn for his picture in hopes he would forget the girl he was with that night and bed them.  Sorry ladies, but Amy Winehouse said it best, “Don’t be mad at me, cause you’re pushing thirty, and your old tricks no longer work.”

Going back to the women with crow’s feet.  No, it wasn’t the women in their 40’s.  I think some of these girls were actually 26 or 27.  Cocaine is a HELL of a drug.

BARTENDERS:  Our bartender was a fuckin’ dream. He was nice, attentive, and didn’t make us wait like some other bartenders tend to do.  Also, he was QUICK.  He had our drinks fast .  The drinking glasses were above par.  You can tell whoever owned the club put a lot of time into attention to detail.  The drinks were on the expensive side.  I paid $14 for my drink while members of me group paid around $10.  What do you expect?   There are Lambos and Lotuses sitting in the front of the club.

Really, I just LOVED the bar service.  Great job Winstons.

THE DJ:  Is my hero.  He played CURRENT MUSIC, the flow was good, and he kept the crowd dancing for at least 75% of the time.  Anytime he played too much house music everyone stopped dancing and went to the bar.  I’m not going to complain about the House Music because the way he spun made it bearable.  I think I actually got a workout from last night.  The only thing I would say about the DJ is to change the song WHENEVER he sees the dance floor dead.  Just because you like the song doesn’t mean everyone else does.  I will say the DJ had all the Green Bay Packers along with Shawn and his entourage dancing like no one was looking.  They were really feeling the music.  I’m a DJ snob.  So trust me.

Overall: Would I go back.  Yes!  No hesitation.  Winstons is how I want Glass to be .  The only REAL downside to Winston is the location.  It claims it’s in Uptown, but I think that’s area is more so considered Oaklawn.  However, the place is incredible.   It’s beautiful on the eyes, their dancers are fun and stunning, the bartenders are quick and efficient,VERY clean, and the DJ is dope.  Simply put.

Tell me if you guys went to Winston and how you liked it.

Winstons Supperclub

3111 Welborn Ave
Ste 110
Dallas, TX 75219


4 Responses to “Review: Winston Supperclub Dallas”

  1. alison volk March 5, 2012 at 8:52 pm #

    LOVE this article on WINSTONS! For more information please contact their very appreciative publicist –

    • humpandgrind March 6, 2012 at 1:47 pm #

      I’m happy you enjoyed it. We had a fantastic time. Just make sure they keep it up!

  2. Concerned mother March 5, 2012 at 9:26 pm #

    I loved your review of Winston’s. My daughter is one of the dancers and I am very proud of her. She works really hard to take care of herself especially after having two beautiful daughters. Your review has eased my mind of my daughter working there. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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