Not Putting Out, For the Men

22 Sep

Listen gentlemen.  You guys should ne happy if a fun, intelligent, and beautiful girl doesnt put out on the first date.

I have a headache from the taste cheap wine on my pallette. I will apologize now for misspellings, bad puncuation, and poor grammar.

I haven’t had a serious boyfriend in a good while. I though if im not at least seriously dating anyone by the end of 2013 then i will do something dramatically crazy that i would never have done in a million years. Since i have another 15 months to get it together i will think about my own personal consequences later.

Back to the gentlemen… getting a girl hammered on the first date is cool.  Just dont try to sleep with her. Even if she drunkingly ( is that a word) persist.

Let it go and call her the next day. She will appreciate it and will most likely drop her panties uninebriated by date 5.  


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