I Have a Crush on a Guy…

9 Dec

Sorry i have been so absent on here. I just been super busy in my personal life.  I don’t sleep with anyone from my top 3 anymore.  Why?  I’m really not interested.  I really tried to make it work with one guy… but no matter what my mind would think my body would not follow.  Why?  Because no matter what I would do I just wasn’t that attracted to him. 

However, I’m dating someone else right now.  I like this guy a lot. I like his attitude, ambition, actions. He is intelligent, honest, fun, has a great smile, and his skin feels like cashmere.

On top of that… the icing on the cake??? The kid can put it down. 

He’s almost perfect. 

The kid is so good he intimidates me… in bed.

It’s weird.  We are just dating right now (not exclusive) but he’s really the first guy i have LIKED in a long time.  Part of me feels like he’s going to be like water… and some how manage to slip throw the cracks of my fingers.

I really want to hold on to this lost feeling for awhile.

Honestly, I have an old school crush on a guy I am dating.  No. I’m not doodling his name my notebook… but i wouldnt mind it.


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