Lilly Ghalichi & Coconut

19 Dec


I love ERRRRRRRYTHING about Lilly Ghalichi. I love her bombass attitude (she’s fabulous), the fact she’s a business woman, the fact she’s so open about herself, and her love for her dog Coconut.


Coconut had a seizure when she was younger which causes her to only walk in circles.  I’m sorry but that shit is HILARITY!

However, i CANNOT get over the cuteness that is coconut!

I think ‘s so awesome the love she has for her dog.


Isn’t Coconut a fucking baller?! LOL.


Anyways, i hope you guys enjoyed this small post about Lilly and her cutie Coconut!


One Response to “Lilly Ghalichi & Coconut”

  1. N. Tah December 21, 2012 at 11:25 pm #

    That Coconut is a cutie!!!!!!

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