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Bow Down Bitches, Beyonce & Lil Kim

21 Jun

I’ve been On… 

Tell me who’s going to take me off?!

I’m the number one chick

I don’t need no hype

I have been jamming this joint all damn day!  Bow down bitches!  I’m not the biggest Beyonce fan… but when you got it, you got it.

This isn’t the official remix but whoever decided to put Beyonce and Lil Kim together in a mix is a fuckin’ genius!




Drake Would do the Unthinkable

19 Jun

I only listen to this song for Drake’s part.

I just love how Unthinkable starts off with Drake’s lyrics.

They are wonderful.

I totally feel him on the followings lines…

Having dreams of being single forever he’s getting worried
And I’m scared too because I’m in the same boat
Good women are rare too, none of them have come close

and also…

Baby being part of this life
I feel like I’m bound to end up with somebody
That’s been with everybody

and this line as well…

I’m trying to live right and give you whatever’s left of me

We Found Love

17 Jun

Rihanna Clearly has Love Issues

This is not the kind of love I want.  I honestly just loved how this video was filmed.

Why does Rihanna have a faux British accent?!

Just Sayin’…

Sweet Nothing in my Ear

16 Jun

I cannot get this SONG outta my head!

Sweet Nothing by Calvin Harris Feat: Florence Welch

I know… now you can’t get it out of yours.  

Fucking Problems

10 Dec

Drake can get it.