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Bow Down Bitches, Beyonce & Lil Kim

21 Jun

I’ve been On… 

Tell me who’s going to take me off?!

I’m the number one chick

I don’t need no hype

I have been jamming this joint all damn day!  Bow down bitches!  I’m not the biggest Beyonce fan… but when you got it, you got it.

This isn’t the official remix but whoever decided to put Beyonce and Lil Kim together in a mix is a fuckin’ genius!




Only a Broke Girl Has a Million Dollar Pussy

20 Jun

Let me tell you girls…

If you think you have a million dollar pussy

Then you selling yourself cheap.

Everyone knows that if you can count it… then you don’t got enough.

Your most prized asset should be invaluable.

If you’re getting your advice from Nicki Minaj then you’re doing it wrong.

You need to be listening to Nicki Minaj’s boss’s, boss.

Or how about your just take notes from Liliane Bettencourt.

Nicki when you’re event a QUARTER near as rich as her…then give advice.


Drake. What’s My Name?

18 Jun

I Don’t Blame Amanda Bynes

That’s her name right?

If I was a Hollywood basic chick I would probably be on Twitter trying to get Drake to drop some attention my way as well.

Then again I don’t look like Ananda Bynes

I look better.

I’m pretty sure I have a better chance with Drake than that chick.

I’m also a woman that is not in desperate need of attention.


Here is  my favorite line Drake spits from his verse:

The square root of 69 is 8 somethin’, right?

‘Cause I’ve been tryna work it out, oh


Good weed, white wine

I come alive in the night time

Okay, away we go

Only thing we have on is the radio

Just love those lyrics.  I would love him to tell me this in person.

Lilly Ghalichi & Coconut

19 Dec


I love ERRRRRRRYTHING about Lilly Ghalichi. I love her bombass attitude (she’s fabulous), the fact she’s a business woman, the fact she’s so open about herself, and her love for her dog Coconut.


Coconut had a seizure when she was younger which causes her to only walk in circles.  I’m sorry but that shit is HILARITY!

However, i CANNOT get over the cuteness that is coconut!

I think ‘s so awesome the love she has for her dog.


Isn’t Coconut a fucking baller?! LOL.


Anyways, i hope you guys enjoyed this small post about Lilly and her cutie Coconut!

The Persian Barbie Doll, Lilly Galichi

10 Dec


I don’t watch television.  However, I have started working out at my apartment gym, and on all of the treadmills they have TVs.  As I start my machine the channel was set on Bravo. On was Real Housewives of Atlanta. I have never seen the show before, but heard a lot about it. Actually, out of all of the Housewives shows I heard the most about that one. After watching it I see why. Those women are cray! I am not sure of everyone’s name… but apon my second time watching the show(tonight) I think it’s Phaedra… whichever one is hooked up with Apollo. I love her whole aura. I love how she speaks and explains herself. She is my kind of woman. On top of that her man is FINE! Yes, he can have it.

Okay, but I’m not here to discuss the RHOA. I want to speak about the Shahs of Sunset, in particular Lilly Galichi.

Ummmmmm, how amazing is she?!

Maybe im biased because shes a Texas girl, but i love how she presents and carries herself.  I also love her strong since of self love, self worth, and how she bites back if needs too.  She comes off as a very strong and independent woman.   Something a lot of women should learn.

No.  They don’t refer to her as the Persian Barbie for nothing.  She’s super thin, has big full hair, fake breast, and (possibly) a nose job.  And you know what? She does not care.

No. I am not advocating going out and get breast augmentation or getting a nose job, but I am saying own you. Do you.

If you have a big booty and no breast, do you!
If you are a six foot tall woman and love to wear 5.5 inch tall Christian Louboutin heels, do you!
If you are overweight but you love it, do you!
Own it!
Rock it!
Live it!

If you’re a AAA cup and want breast surgery, do you!
If you have a pixie cut but want to rock Beyonce length weave, do you!
If you are bigger than your goal weight and want to workout to look like a Fitness RX model, do you.

Just remember if you make any changes in your life, personal or emotional, make sure you are doing it for you.
Don’t change anything about yourself if you’re not doing it to better yourself.

Because honestly ladies confidence is the SEXIEST thing a woman can have.
This is why I adore the shit out of Lilly. 




Dating Letter to Santa…

9 Dec

Dating Letter to SantaVia The Love List

Do Women Hate Each Other?

11 Jan

This Bitch Gotz It Right

I’m working on my gangsta vocab?  You think i’m getting it down?  

Okay… Please watch the video above from the fantastical Jenna Marbles.  

Now listen, I agree with her 100%.  I NEVER compare myself to other women.  Why?  Shit Bitch!  I’m outta this world!  

Okay, all jokes aside.  I don’t have time to compare myself to the next person.  I have things in life I want to do and goals I want to obtain.  Standing in place and hating on someone else’s acheivesments gets you NOWHERE!  You like something that someone else has, be it a job, car, or man then step up your game and get it yourself!  However, don’t compare yourself to the girl.  Chances are you really don’t know anything about her and are just assuming you know here based on physical charaterstics.

Just befriend other woman and stay in your own lane.  I will never  understand why someone just hates on others.  If you want it too… befriend the girl and figure out how to get it too.

There is too much going on in the world to add negative energy due to jealousy.