Grade A Sex!

16 Jan

Here’s the thing men.  If you don’t want a woman sprung then don’t give it to her like it’s the last day on earth.  I had one of the best nights engaging in sexual activity that I have ever had.  Thinking about it days later I  can still feel him on me.  One of the main reasons I enjoy him is because he is so open to trying new positions. 

This position we did the other night, i, honestly could not describe it to you.  I will tell you this. I think he was an acrobat in his last life. I have one particular position which i love.  it’s me on top and the man sitting straight up with his back against the headboard.  I love that position because as a woman you can  feel the whole length of his manhood inside of you, and you have complete control of all movement.  That is a gauranteed way to allow me to get off. 

Well, this go around we did a similar thing, but instead we were in the center of the bed and he, without any back leverage, lifted me up and placed me on top of him (Imagine Don and Letty from the first Fast & Furious).  He was just so sexy in that moment.  All i could do was bury my head in his shoulder while riding him.  it was so good that all I could do was twist my hair with my fingers.  He made me feel so amazing that I didn’t know how to act.  I mean whi twist their hair around their finger while having sex?

I do have some things with myself I need to work on.  I didn’t stay on top of him very long because I was too insecure of my weight.

No, i’m not big ( i’m 5’7, 133 lb), but i felt too heavy and slid off of him.  He’s not a weak guy in the least bit.  He is boxer but still I felt weird. 

i just love feeling his skin on mine, the way he speaks to me, the way he carresses my body.  the way he makes me feel like the only woman.

Since that night I have been yearning for our bodies to reconnect.

He put that Grade A on me!


How do Open Relationship Work?

5 Jan

Let me know what your thoughts are below.


22 Dec

It’s weird. I met this guy tonight… totally not taste… but after speaking to him for a minute he actually made my panties wet.

What were we discussing?

Our jobs.

I guess sometimes a 401k plan will make one hotter than an Ambrocrombie model.

Wow!!!! Thank You!

21 Dec

I’m not sure who is sending my site all the love from Twitter and Facebook, but I thank you for the love and support. I really appreciate it!!!!!

Lilly Ghalichi & Coconut

19 Dec


I love ERRRRRRRYTHING about Lilly Ghalichi. I love her bombass attitude (she’s fabulous), the fact she’s a business woman, the fact she’s so open about herself, and her love for her dog Coconut.


Coconut had a seizure when she was younger which causes her to only walk in circles.  I’m sorry but that shit is HILARITY!

However, i CANNOT get over the cuteness that is coconut!

I think ‘s so awesome the love she has for her dog.


Isn’t Coconut a fucking baller?! LOL.


Anyways, i hope you guys enjoyed this small post about Lilly and her cutie Coconut!


How to have a Perfect Relationship

16 Dec


Bane is Sexy

16 Dec


For the record, Bane can get it.  Everyday of the week.

That is all.