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Drake. What’s My Name?

18 Jun

I Don’t Blame Amanda Bynes

That’s her name right?

If I was a Hollywood basic chick I would probably be on Twitter trying to get Drake to drop some attention my way as well.

Then again I don’t look like Ananda Bynes

I look better.

I’m pretty sure I have a better chance with Drake than that chick.

I’m also a woman that is not in desperate need of attention.


Here is  my favorite line Drake spits from his verse:

The square root of 69 is 8 somethin’, right?

‘Cause I’ve been tryna work it out, oh


Good weed, white wine

I come alive in the night time

Okay, away we go

Only thing we have on is the radio

Just love those lyrics.  I would love him to tell me this in person.



22 Dec

It’s weird. I met this guy tonight… totally not taste… but after speaking to him for a minute he actually made my panties wet.

What were we discussing?

Our jobs.

I guess sometimes a 401k plan will make one hotter than an Ambrocrombie model.

I Have a Crush on a Guy…

9 Dec

Sorry i have been so absent on here. I just been super busy in my personal life.  I don’t sleep with anyone from my top 3 anymore.  Why?  I’m really not interested.  I really tried to make it work with one guy… but no matter what my mind would think my body would not follow.  Why?  Because no matter what I would do I just wasn’t that attracted to him. 

However, I’m dating someone else right now.  I like this guy a lot. I like his attitude, ambition, actions. He is intelligent, honest, fun, has a great smile, and his skin feels like cashmere.

On top of that… the icing on the cake??? The kid can put it down. 

He’s almost perfect. 

The kid is so good he intimidates me… in bed.

It’s weird.  We are just dating right now (not exclusive) but he’s really the first guy i have LIKED in a long time.  Part of me feels like he’s going to be like water… and some how manage to slip throw the cracks of my fingers.

I really want to hold on to this lost feeling for awhile.

Honestly, I have an old school crush on a guy I am dating.  No. I’m not doodling his name my notebook… but i wouldnt mind it.

NSFW: I Need More of this in My Life Right Now

20 Jun

The Glass Lounge Now Charges to Get In

4 Mar

Since my initial posting about Glass Lounge way back when I have gotten SEVERAL comments from people.  Most of them just negative.  I did have the owner of Glass reach out to me and invite me back, but I have not made an attempt.

Reason being?  Just wasn’t interested.

Been there. Done that.  As Jay-Z said… on to the next one.

Now, don’t get me wrong, at the time I went there, the club was BEAUTIFUL.  Aesthetics aside, I just wasn’t into it because the music sucked. (I could even forget the fact it was hotter than hell in there.  Since I’m the kind that can fall asleep in a sauna.)

Recently I received the following comment from a reader:

Shawn, let me tell you why they attempted to charge you $10 to get through the door.  They now let in 18 year olds.  YUP!  So you did yourself a favor not going in that place.  Next time try Winstons.

Signs that a club is going down hill?  They let in 18 year olds.

I’m going to assume that Glass is catering to the SMU market by letting these kids in.

Once the SMU kids come to play it’s time to take your ball and find another playground. 

Glass, let me give  you a LITTLE advice:

1.)    Eradicate this 18 years or up rule

2.)    Don’t charge anyone who is of drinking age


The first two things are easy to accomplish.  I haven’t been to Glass lately, but I’m going to assume the place has not been junked out by Affliction wearing motherfuckers, and girls who wear dresses two sizes too small.

You guys know that Dallas is stuck up and jaded.  People want to be in a place just to be seen.  They want others to know they got in and you didn’t.  Dallas thrives off that adolescent bullshit.  You have the PERFECT facility to accomplish this.  Bring that shit back.  Turn away people at that place.  You want it to be known that Glass is THE SPOT.

People go because they hear great things about the club.  Make it exclusive.  Have high rollers run through there.  Different girls of all flavors.  Men who dress the part.  Have a standard.

Let me tell you, letting 18 years into a club is NOT the standard.

I have no idea why I want Glass to do well.

Please tell me you got rid of that DJ.

Short Man Epidemic in Dallas

17 Oct

There is an epidemic of short guys who are just good quality in Dallas.  For example, MC.  This guy is of good caliber.  He’s the type of guy anyone would want on his team.  He’s so much smarter than he gives himself credit for, handsome, hard working, fun, thoughtful,… geez I can go on why he’s a perfect suitor… but the fact of the matter is he’s short.

Even though I could write an entire novella on MC this is not about him.  I met a super cool guy this weekend who, by any girls’ standards, would be close to perfect.  Good looking, healthy, dresses well, own place, own car, good manners.  This kid can handle his business, but he’s sooooooo short.

 Of course he’s favorite feature about me? My long legs!


I know God must have a great sense of humor cuz he likes fucking me with.